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Copywriter, researcher and project manager
Language Communications
Dublin -- Aug 2020-Present

The Pudding

Dublin -- Sept 2019-Aug 2020

Copywriter + Strategist Southern Marketing Design Media
Limerick -- Feb 2018-Sept 2019

Trinity College Dublin

︎ BA English literature + Film studies


︎ Think Business
Fiction + Poetry

︎ 2018 Bridport Short Story Prize shortlist
︎ Write City Chicago
︎ Icarus

︎ The Ogham Stone

︎ Voices From the Cave

︎ Vol 1 Brooklyn
︎ Crossways


Hello, I’m Katy Finnegan: writer, creative and versatile all-rounder. I studied literature and film at TCD and graduated in 2016. 

Currently I’m working at The Pudding where I enjoy getting my hands dirty with creative and learning everything there is to know about the business of branding.

My passion for writing in all forms continues to grow and to date I’ve had fiction and poetry published in Icarus, Voices From the Cave, The Ogham Stone, Vol 1 Brooklyn, Crossways and Write City Chicago Magazine, as well as non-fiction on and I was also shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Short Story Prize.

In 2018 I was one of 12 young creatives selected for ICAD’s Upstarts Programme, which taught me a lot about my own creative process and ultimately how my writer’s brain functions within that framework. I believe very strongly in the power of simple words to communicate complex ideas, and for me, distilling those ideas into their purest, most genuine form is what gives me the most satisfaction as a writer.

I’m a copywriter who believes in creating work with purpose. Whether that means effecting behavioural change, advocating for social issues, or bringing tangible results to my client, I believe every creative “action” should have a (hopefully positive) reaction.                 


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