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1 Users can click on the clip/image and see where it comes from showing them the brand, year, agency, award etc.

2 They’re invited to come to Kinsale and find out more. When they click, they are brought to the Kinsale Sharks website, where they are greeted by copy which says:

3 Example of a virtual gallery tour powered at the National Gallery (UK). 
    Users will be able to navigate through the gallery and click on each “painting” to find out more. Each “room” can be a category i.e. design, film etc. and when users click on the “painting” they will be able to see what entries have been shortlisted in the same category.

Project (10)
~ Break the Boundaries

This was my entry to the Kinsale Young Shark competition 2019. The brief was to create an exciting online advertising campaign for the Kinsale Sharks festival.

Advertising professionals get bored of awards ceremonies, the same thing year after year, the same faces, same categories etc. They’re left wondering, what’s the point of going again? What’s new? Isn’t it all one big circle jerk of self-congratulatory back-slappery?

This is not just an awards ceremony, this is a festival of creativity. It’s not just about watching ads and giving awards, it’s about encouraging creative critique and discourse, and interrogating the place of advertising in the world today.

As advertisers, we always have to be “selling,” but we also have to acknowledge that the sector is changing. Consumers expect more from their brands - they expect their imaginations to be ignited, their sensibilities to be challenged, and their values reflected, and increasingly, the
advertising sector is fulfilling this desire. So that leaves us with the question - Where’s the divide between advertising and art?

Social media campaign showing images and clips from previous Kinsale entries. These are deliberately chosen to challenge our perspectives (the most cinematic, artistic, provocative etc) on what an ad looks like in 2019. These images pose the question: 
“is this an ad?”

Users can click on the clip/image for further information, and are directed to the Kinsale Sharks website.  

When people click in, they will be brought to a virtual gallery tour, something like this. This doesn’t have to be a real gallery exhibition,
and could just be created with 3D modeling (even though it could also be a fun activation). Each “room” will have “paintings” on the walls which depict past winners. 

The goal is to make people look at the awards from a different angle (slightly tongue in cheek), to show the amazing offerings at Kinsale, and to get people talking about the place of advertising in the world today, and the question of creative excellence vs. commercialism. We show that Kinsale is a place where we:

“Break the boundaries”