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1 Maintaining a mix of old and new will be crucial to lending authenticity to this project, and to bringing a range of audiences and age profiles on board. 

2 For consumers, the point is that by engaging with these businesses they are making a conscious decision to put their money where their mouth is and: “Join the club.”

3 You don’t have to be a member of the Hell’s Angels to wear a patch.

4 Enamel pins are another trendy accessory, perfect for animating a simple logo.

5 Tote bags are easy to print, easy to distribute/sell, and nod to more sustainable ways of shopping. They also will be popular with older and younger members of the community alike. 

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~ IndieLimerick

Historically, Limerick has a reputation as a merchant city, and today it’s home to a number of independent businesses.
    Supporting independent businesses is a vital part of maintaining a city’s local colour, and plays an important role in fostering community amongst residents and business owners alike.

Support independent businesses in Limerick and show that Limerick is a wonderful place for entrepreneurs. 

A new brand with deep roots in its environment and one which offers tangible benefits. 

Limerick needs to position itself as a strong supporter of indepedent business (both established and new), local suppliers, and a proponent of sustainable economies and social models. This should attract visitors and investors alike.

The name for this brand will be IndieLimerick. This is a club you want to be part of, and by supporting the businesses and building relationships with local producers - you can.

IndieLimerick - Join the club.

This branding campaign would have several elements.

  1. A patch, enamel pin, and tote bag, all featuring the IndieLimerick logo, designed and made by local artisans, and sold in their own shops
  2. A window sticker
  3. A webpage (this could rest on or host its own website)
  4. A video profiling local business owners
  5. A discount feature or “points system” where patrons of IndieLimerick businesses can reedem discounts by shopping within the network