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1 Our first video followed a traffic warden - with a big personality. This piece gained 30K views on Facebook alone, as well as 62 comments, 112 shares, and 284 reactions. 

2 This piece profiled the new Treaty City Brewery in Limerick’s Medieval Quarter, highlighting how Council investment makes a difference to heritage, business, and tourism.

3 This video focused on “Bee Friendly Limerick” and the importance of preserving the environment for pollinators - as well as the importance of biodiversity and sustainability more generally. 

4 Here we met with a Water Safety Officer who is also a member of the Search and Rescue Squad, tackling sensitive issues around mental health and suicide prevention. 

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~ Our Council Our Stories

This was a project I completed as part of my employment at Southern Marketing Design Media. The brief was to create a series of 8 videos showcasing the lesser-known work of our client, Limerick City and County Council. My role was director, producer, editor and client liaison. 

Make ordinary people interested in the work of the local authority.

Focus on the human stories of the employees and beneficiaries of the Council.

We produced a series of videos based around interviews with people in the Limerick area, using our signature animation style to mark them as part of this series. These were posted on and garnered high engagement and public interest, including press releases in the local papers. 

Please click on the images on the left hand side to see a selection of the videos.

Overall, these videos garnered over 1 million impressions and 14,000 engagements across social media.