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1 We titled the first video Living. It shows how history, heritage, and character form part of the intrinsic value of Georgian buildings - while looking forward to how these can be reimagined for the future.

2 The second video, Working deals with the ‘neighbourhood’ aspect of the initiative, highlighting the sense of community amongst residents and business owners alike.

3 The last piece, Renewing seeks to provide a context for this project, looking at how this specific form of property development fits into the wider landscape of Limerick (Limerick 2030) and international trends toward city living

4 A sample page from the Georgian Neighbourhood brochure. Click the image to read more.

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~ The Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

The client for this project was the Urban Innovation Department of Limerick City & County Council. I completed this project as part of my employment at Southern Marketing Design Media.  My role was director, editor, copywriter and client liaison. 

Encourage people to recognise the potential of Limerick’s historic Georgian Quarter and launch its new identity as “The Georgian Neighbourhood.”

Show the perspectives of real people living and working in the Neighbourhood, and the myriad ways in which Georgian buildings can be used.

We needed to show a range of audiences (corporate investors, developers, and private citizens) the Council’s role in supporting prospective buyers to refurbish these properties, but we also needed to “sell” the Georgian Neighbourhood brand. 
    What do these historic buildings offer to buyers, in contrast to new builds? What significance do they have in the wider cultural landscape of Limerick city? And what benefits does city centre urban renewal offer to communities?

We created a suite of three videos, interviewing a range of professionals and residents in the community and by illustrating their comments with examples i.e. private refurbishments, property developments, and local businesses. 
    We also developed a brochure, which is available in pdf and in print. Click here to view.

This series, entitled: The Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick was launched in April 2019.