Project management

We were contracted by Foróige, Ireland’s biggest youth organisation, to develop a new brand for the digital youthwork arm of their organisation. This would involve the creation of a name for the overall digital youth work brand, as well as sub-brands for the 6 programmes sitting underneath this. This was a complex task which would require a clear brand hierarchy that would be understandable and usable for staff members in Foróige and the young people who use these programmes.

Youth friendly branding

This involved an extensive process of creative development, including workshops I facilitated with Foróige staff and young people who were members of the organisation. Following this consultative process,  a name was establishedfor digital youthwork at Foróige. This initiative would be called ‘Go’ - a bold title for an innovative suite of programmes. Go also set the foundation for the suite of programmes within the brand: GoClub; GoSafely; GoSonic; GoLevelUp; GoBuild; and GoVirtual. The tagline would be ‘digital skills for what’s now and next’. 

Sub-brands for each of the programmes. 

This was a challenging project which required a naming system that would work not only for the overall brand, but which could include numerous sub-brands within it. With ‘Go’, a bold, exciting name, I found an elegant solution to this challenge, knitting  the sub-brands together in a way that felt consistent and which would allow flexibility for adding new programmes in the future.