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It’s Our Social Media is a campaign for Belong To, Ireland’s leading LGBTQ+ youth organisation.  Launched in 2022 and running on an annual basis, it aims to raise awareness of the harms of hate speech, and misinformation/disinformation against the LGBTQ+ community. It also advocates for increased regulation of Big Tech, and generally promotes respectful and positive use of online spaces.

Young people participating in a photocall and video shoot in Dublin’s Docklands

Following a collaborative process of workshopping with LGBTQ+ youths to identify key issues and test campaign ideas, we developed the core theme of ‘It’s Our Social Media: Feed the Good, Block the Bad.’ This was a rallying cry to take back social media, reclaim our power as users, and engage in simple actions to stop hate online.

This campaign involved: a new website; hero animation; live action video and photocall; social media assets; and merchandising.  It was incredibly successful, with over 11 million impressions across social media. It was awarded Silver in the 2022 Sockie Awards.