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The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is a membership organisation based in Brussels whose purpose is to advance feminist causes on a European scale. Brussels’ Call is their initiative to promote the Equality Model of prostitution legislation across Europe. The Equality Model means that selling sex is decriminalised, buying sex, pimping and brothel keeping are criminal offences, and prevention and exit supports are provided to women at risk of exploitation, or those seeking to exit prostitution.

Currently EWL is lobbying in the European Parliament for a Europe-wide commitment to the Equality Model. They are also engaging in partnerships with key countries in order to advance the Model in each country specifically. However, there was a need to bring fresh momentum to Brussels’ Call via a new campaign.

We conducted a number of workshops with various stakeholder groups from across Europe comprised of members of the European Women’s Lobby and of Brussels’ Call, gaining insights from different country contexts and gathering feedback on different messaging strategies. Following an extensive process of consultation, we developed a campaign based on the strapline: Her Future is Equal.

This highlighted the importance of gender equality to the campaign, looking forward to a positive future where all women and girls would have access to equal opportunities and live lives free from sexual exploitation. This would be a positive message, aligned with progressive European values that all audiences could get behind.

We brought this campaign to life via a refresh of the Brussels’ Call website and a digital campaign featuring key campaign messages, facts about sexual exploitation, testimony from survivors, as well as photography and a contemporary visual style.

Alongside the public facing campaign was the development of political strategies for engaging the European Parliament, and for engaging with Government in individual member states. This involved the development of political briefing materials comprised of evidence-based arguments in favour of the Equality Model. Click to read the Briefing Paper.