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1 The CTA is more than just a mode of transport, it constitutes the lifelines of of the city of Chicago.

2 As an activation for this campaign, CTA could implant actors/volunteers to ride the trains and strike up conversations with fellow passengers, emphasising the multiplicity of “stories” to be told on the train. These volunteers could also lend a helping hand to certain passengers e.g. elderly, disabled, or parents with young children.

3 On social media, people can share their experiences of using the CTA using #MyCTAStory. The best stories could be showcased on the CTA’s IG.
    Short form vox-pop videos could also be produced as a way of showcasing the interesting back-stories of those riding the train.

4 A “Magnolia” style TV ad could work well here emphasising the interconnected lives of CTA users.    
   This could also be a great opportunity to display the many landmarks and neighborhoods the CTA gives its riders access to.

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~ Make the Connection

Chicago is also known for having some of the worst traffic congestion problems in the world, and with the proliferation of rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber, it’s more important than ever for city residents to use public transportation.

How can we get Chicagoans to use - and appreciate - the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) more often?

Show that public transportation is more than just getting from A to B, it’s a way of connecting with your community. 

With over half the world’s population is resident in cities, living compartmentalised lives in globalised and anonymous environments, a sense of connection with the wider community is often lost.     We need to show them that using public transport is not a chore, it’s a meaningful experience.

The CTA is a network, and by being a part of that network, you are connecting with your city, and with each other. Don’t ignore your fellow passengers, realise you are all part of something bigger. We express this with the line:

CTA: Make the Connection

    For our campaign, we frame this “something bigger” as a story. Whether you are simply going to work, visiting an old friend, or coming home from an incredible gig, you - along with everyone riding in the rail car with you - has a story, and this forms the wider tapestry of life in Chicago:

Every journey has a story. What’s yours?

This idea could be realised across video, social media, and experiential.