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1 The first image is an example of a hero image taken from the photography we shot at Carton House. The empty rooms and shafts of light give a sense of possibility.  

2 Below we see an example of social a shareable image for the campaign. These feature our unique visual language based around tiles of images that give a sense of the ‘layering’ of history. 

3 Image 3 is a social media post showcasing our photography along with copy telling the story of the particular room set for refurbishment. 

Project (1)
~ History as it’s Happening

This was a campaign undertaken as part of my employment with The Pudding. Our task was to capture the restoration of the historic Carton House, now in operation as a luxury hotel. My role included concept ideation and copywriting (tagline, narrative and social shareables). 

While the old Manor House of Carton House would be undergoing a restoration, the rest of the resort would still be in operation during refurbishment. We would have to create a campaign that engaged guests and potential guests, letting them know what was happening without putting them off visiting Carton House. 

Our solution was a campaign which placed guests in the timeline of Carton House’s storied history. Guests were invited to reflect on the special moment in time at which this restoration was taking place and to be part of “History as it’s Happening.”

We created an identity for this campaign complete with logo as well as long and short narrative. We also completed a photoshoot at Carton House to capture the beautiful setting was poised for renewal. These photos formed the basis of our visual language for the campaign, and this was executed as a landing on the Carton House website, as well as a social media campaign across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Visit the landing page to see our campaign story. 

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1 This is the video we created, the basis of which is an interview with Honor’s carer Teresa. I worked closely with the editing team to stitch together the narrative from Teresa’s VO. This video was played over 150,000 times and our social media campaign received approximately 5,000 engagements. 

2 We ran two print ads. One featured copy from the perspective of Honor and foregrounded her interaction with horses. This ad appeared in the Irish Independent.

3 The second ad was written from the point of view of Teresa and foregrounded the relationship between resident and carer. This ad appeard in the Irish Times weekend magazine. 

4 A “Magnolia” style TV ad could work well here emphasising the interconnected lives of CTA users.    
   This could also be a great opportunity to display the many landmarks and neighborhoods the CTA gives its riders access to.

Project (2)
~ Caring Together

Nursing Homes Ireland is the national representative body for the private and voluntary nursing home sector. They represent over 460 such nursing homes in Ireland which provide care to over 25,000 people. Following our rebrand of NHI, we were tasked with creating a campaign which brought their strapline ‘Caring Together’ to life.

This was a project completed as part of my employment at The Pudding. My role included copywriting and scripting.

The key challenge for this campaign was to tackle the widely held negative perceptions of nursing homes. We wanted to show nursing homes in a more positive light, in an authentic way. 

To do this, we decided to focus on the real stories of care that emerged from NHI’s member nursing homes. We put a call out to members to provide us with stories and eventually landed on one that best exemplified ‘caring together.’

Our campaign tells the story of Honor, a 96-year-old resident, and how her love of horses has been embraced by her nursing home and by her carer Teresa.

We brought this story to life through a landing page, photography, video, a radio ad (Radio 1, 2fm and Today fm) and press ads (Irish Times and Irish Independent). We ran a full social media campaign including a content calendar of posts featuring photography, video and Facebook ads. We also supported an internal communications campaign to empower NHI members to share this content. Visit the landing page to explore more copy for this campaign. 

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1 This video showcases local authority services, using voiceover narration to link the services in a lyrical style.

2 This video was designed to work without voiceover narration. This was the video that launched the campaign, introducing our secondary theme of ‘working for you around the clock.’

3 Twitter post on theme of ‘Working for You’.

4 Twitter post on theme of ‘Around the Clock’. 

4 The campaign was also designed to dovetail with LGMA sub-brands including Libraries Ireland. 

Project (3)
~ Working for You

This was a project completed as part of my employment at Southern Marketing Design Media. The client was the Local Government Management Agency and the brief was to develop a campaign to showcase all the services your local authority provides for you. 

My role encompassed copywriting/idea generation, client liaison, project administration and video production. 

Show members of the public all the services their local authority provides for them - some of which they may not even realise. An additional challenge was to make this campaign non-specific i.e. as an umbrella body over all local authorities, the LGMA could not single out any particular locale. 

A campaign which is people-focused, highlighting how local authority services work for YOU. 

People don’t think too much about the services they use every day. They sometimes forget who provides them, or how they really impact their everyday lives. 

We created the tagline: Your Council Working for You to showcase - simply and effectively - the purpose of every local authority. This was the strucuturing principle of the digital campaign which included:
  • 2 video ads for social media/local authority screens
  • Print ads
  • Social media shareables

This campaign was launched in September 2019. Click below to view one of our hero pieces - scripted by me!  


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1 Image 4 shows a TV script: Are you still watching?
Using the trope of the “crime thriller”, this ad shows that the TV binge is in fact, the “killer hiding in plain sight.” Riffing on the popularity of crime TV and complicating the interplay of TV and real life, we confront the viewer with questions regarding their own bingeing behaviour.

2 Image 5 shows a radio script: The dark side of entertainment.
Drawing on different generic tropes, this ad questions our relationship to TV and encourages us to consider the potential harm of a TV-saturated lifestyle.

Project (4)
~ Beat the Binge

This was a project completed as part of the 2018 Upstarts Programme in association with the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design. The brief was set by Boys + Girls for the Irish Heart Foundation, and my work was exhibited at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin in December 2018.

Wake up the younger generation to the dangers of heart disease - in an unfamiliar, disruptive way.

Showcase one of the most common (yet often minimised) risk factors for heart disease in a confrontational way - a sedentary lifestyle.    
    To illustrate this, we take “the TV binge” as our main culprit.

Nowadays, people are aware of the risks of smoking and drinking to excess, but we are often complacent about our addictions to TVs, laptops, and phone screens.
   This campaign reminds us of these less obvious risk factors and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

We zero in on screen time and technology as the major enablers of unhealthy, sedentary behaviour. By creating a sense of unease around technology, we hit close to home with our young demographic, and  present our argument in an unexpected way.
    To do this, we use the tagline: 
“Beat The Binge.” 
See left for some examples of how this campaign can be executed across print, video, and radio. 

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1 We titled the first video Living. It shows how history, heritage, and character form part of the intrinsic value of Georgian buildings - while looking forward to how these can be reimagined for the future.

2 The second video, Working deals with the ‘neighbourhood’ aspect of the initiative, highlighting the sense of community amongst residents and business owners alike.

3 The last piece, Renewing seeks to provide a context for this project, looking at how this specific form of property development fits into the wider landscape of Limerick (Limerick 2030) and international trends toward city living

4 A sample page from the Georgian Neighbourhood brochure. Click the image to read more.

Project (5)
~ The Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

The client for this project was the Urban Innovation Department of Limerick City & County Council. I completed this project as part of my employment at Southern Marketing Design Media.  My role was director, editor, copywriter and client liaison. 

Encourage people to recognise the potential of Limerick’s historic Georgian Quarter and launch its new identity as “The Georgian Neighbourhood.”

Show the perspectives of real people living and working in the Neighbourhood, and the myriad ways in which Georgian buildings can be used.

We needed to show a range of audiences (corporate investors, developers, and private citizens) the Council’s role in supporting prospective buyers to refurbish these properties, but we also needed to “sell” the Georgian Neighbourhood brand. 
    What do these historic buildings offer to buyers, in contrast to new builds? What significance do they have in the wider cultural landscape of Limerick city? And what benefits does city centre urban renewal offer to communities?

We created a suite of three videos, interviewing a range of professionals and residents in the community and by illustrating their comments with examples i.e. private refurbishments, property developments, and local businesses. 
    We also developed a brochure, which is available in pdf and in print. Click here to view.

This series, entitled: The Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick was launched in April 2019.