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1 This video showcases local authority services, using voiceover narration to link the services in a lyrical style.

2 This video was designed to work without voiceover narration. This was the video that launched the campaign, introducing our secondary theme of ‘working for you around the clock.’

3 Twitter post on theme of ‘Working for You’.

4 Twitter post on theme of ‘Around the Clock’. 

4 The campaign was also designed to dovetail with LGMA sub-brands including Libraries Ireland. 

Project (3)
~ Working for You

This was a project completed as part of my employment at Southern Marketing Design Media. The client was the Local Government Management Agency and the brief was to develop a campaign to showcase all the services your local authority provides for you. 

My role encompassed copywriting/idea generation, client liaison, project administration and video production. 

Show members of the public all the services their local authority provides for them - some of which they may not even realise. An additional challenge was to make this campaign non-specific i.e. as an umbrella body over all local authorities, the LGMA could not single out any particular locale. 

A campaign which is people-focused, highlighting how local authority services work for YOU. 

People don’t think too much about the services they use every day. They sometimes forget who provides them, or how they really impact their everyday lives. 

We created the tagline: Your Council Working for You to showcase - simply and effectively - the purpose of every local authority. This was the strucuturing principle of the digital campaign which included:
  • 2 video ads for social media/local authority screens
  • Print ads
  • Social media shareables

This campaign was launched in September 2019. Click below to view one of our hero pieces - scripted by me!