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1 Image 4 shows a TV script: Are you still watching?
Using the trope of the “crime thriller”, this ad shows that the TV binge is in fact, the “killer hiding in plain sight.” Riffing on the popularity of crime TV and complicating the interplay of TV and real life, we confront the viewer with questions regarding their own bingeing behaviour.

2 Image 5 shows a radio script: The dark side of entertainment.
Drawing on different generic tropes, this ad questions our relationship to TV and encourages us to consider the potential harm of a TV-saturated lifestyle.

Project (4)
~ Beat the Binge

This was a project completed as part of the 2018 Upstarts Programme in association with the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design. The brief was set by Boys + Girls for the Irish Heart Foundation, and my work was exhibited at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin in December 2018.

Wake up the younger generation to the dangers of heart disease - in an unfamiliar, disruptive way.

Showcase one of the most common (yet often minimised) risk factors for heart disease in a confrontational way - a sedentary lifestyle.    
    To illustrate this, we take “the TV binge” as our main culprit.

Nowadays, people are aware of the risks of smoking and drinking to excess, but we are often complacent about our addictions to TVs, laptops, and phone screens.
   This campaign reminds us of these less obvious risk factors and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

We zero in on screen time and technology as the major enablers of unhealthy, sedentary behaviour. By creating a sense of unease around technology, we hit close to home with our young demographic, and  present our argument in an unexpected way.
    To do this, we use the tagline: 
“Beat The Binge.” 
See left for some examples of how this campaign can be executed across print, video, and radio.