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1 IMMA is located in the former Royal Hospital Kilmainham, on the outskirts of the city and away from the crowds of tourists who may inadvertently wander in. To visit the museum, one has to set out to do so.

2 Using sensors, a kinetic facade changes dynamically in response to different stimuli (e.g. light, air, movement). Kinetic exteriors on large buildings often give the effect of “living skin”.  

3 By suspending their pre-conceptions of modern art, audiences may become more open-minded, and choose to experience art on a more personal, subjective level. 

Project (9)
~ Surprise Yourself

This was a speculative project completed in response to Irish International’s (now BBDO Dublin) “creative test.”

Encourage a broader audience to visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).

Show that preconcieved notions of modern art may be holding you back from discovering something new. 

While other galleries like the National Gallery or the Hugh Lane attract an audience of locals and tourists who are looking to see famous or historical pieces of art, IMMA doesn’t have that attraction. For many people, modern art is something that they just don’t “get.”
    We need to get back to basics and show that art can provoke visceral reactions whether or not you know anything about it, it can be affecting in ways you might not expect.

Art can surprise us, and as we experience this, we might find we have surprised ourselves by having a reaction to something we never thought we’d be interested in:
IMMA: Surprise Yourself

Here we aim to do a poster campaign with a difference. Throughout the city we will install a number of  “kinetic facade” posters (see example here.)
    Written on the wall should be the line: Look a little closer… [insert poster] with the phrase: Surprise yourself on the other side and IMMA written in big letters underneath.
    The idea is that people won’t notice the poster until they walk right in front of it and it begins to move. In this way we surprise the audience and encourage them to interact with the artwork as they see their own reflection in it.