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1 Instead of traditional actors, the videos featured “animators” from Craggaunowen i.e. the seasonal workers at the site who perform re-enactments and educate visitors.

2 An isolated area in rural Clare, it was also important to showcase the natural beauty of the region. The landscape viewers are seeing onscreen is the same landscape their ancetors populated thousands of years ago. 

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~ Tales of Craggaunowen

The client for this project was Shannon Heritage, one of the biggest tourism organisations in the Midwest. I completed this project as part of my employment at Southern Marketing Design Media.  My role was researcher, scriptwriter, director, producer, editor, and client liaison.

Create a series of videos for Craggaunowen, a heritage site in Co. Clare, which were both educational and entertaining, aimed primarily at primary school children.

A suite of videos narrated from a first person perspective, and set in the present tense. 

By telling history in the form of a personal “story”, we bring a sense of immediacy to the videos, and allow viewers to identify more with the narrator. This is, after all, our own history as Irish people.           Furthermore, on a commercial level Craggaunowen is marketed as “the living past experience”, where visitors can see re-enactments, explore reconstructed dwellings, and generally get the sense of stepping back in time. Therefore, the choice to narrate these “stories” in the present tense was a conscious way of emphasising this.

We created 10 short videos, each focusing on one thematic element (hunting, religion, warfare etc.) told in narrative format.  
    These were configured as a branded USB and distributed to local schools as an education pack.

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